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April is National Woodworking Month

Company / April 19, 2018

April is National Woodworking month. It has been observed since 1990 and is dedicated to celebrating woodcrafting. Some people think of small objects that are made in a home shop when they think of woodworking.  However, even large custom cabinetry is considered woodworking. In celebration of this beautiful craft, Classic Custom Cabinetry would like to showcase some of our top woodworking works as a tribute to our in-house artisans and woodworkers:

The Historical Fairvue Mansion in Tennessee:

National Woodworking Month

The New York Times once noted Fairvue Mansion was “thought to be the most splendid house in Tennessee.” It was built way back in 1832, and there’s a lot of history on this grand mansion. It has been home for several families and was recently restored the Moore family. Classic Custom Cabinetry was contracted and took care of the wood furnishing. According to sources, the lakefront and historic home is listing for about $7 million.

The Cherry Office:

Cherry Cabinets

Custom wood panels, coffered ceilings, custom shelving and cabinetry, make this home office one of our grandest projects. Thanks to the artistry and talented gifts of our woodworkers, we were able to pull off a beautiful home office in cherry wood.

The Groos Hat Shop:

commercial cabinets

Classic Custom Cabinetry also services commercial clients that will elevate their store’s interior ambiance. The hats and berets in Groos Hat shop are showcased flawlessly with steam lined open shelvings. We also did a custom cabinet work for the local hat business to serve as storage.

In celebration of National Woodworking Month, we commend all hard working artisans and woodworkers all over the world. May we continue to enjoy our passion of crafting and continuously craft beautiful projects that make people smile.

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