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Different Styles for Your Next Bathroom Cabinet Doors

Baths,Cabinet Design / October 12, 2016

There is a wide array of kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors and styles to choose from on the market. From central squares to cathedral door styles, you are in control as to how to design your next bathroom cabinetry project. With a lot of cabinet door styles to choose from, Choosing the right style for your bathroom can get overwhelming.

bathroom cabinet doors

With over two decades of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Classic Custom Cabinetry created this essential guide on how to carefully choose the perfect bathroom cabinet styles for your home. Every homeowner should decide if functionality is a higher priority than the aesthetic appeal of the home improvement project.

Bathroom Cabinet Doors Styles and Ideas

Louvered or Shutter Doors – If you’re trying to achieve a contemporary look for your bathroom, you may want to try out these shutter doors. The design allows ventilation and air to freely flow in and out of the storage area to keep toiletries at room temperature.

Shaker Cabinets – Shaker-style cabinet doors are very attractive in bath cabinetry. The five-piece flat-panel style has a frame made from four pieces and a single flat center panel for the fifth piece. It’s simplicity and elegance makes it the top choice for most homeowners.

Flat Bathroom Door Style – For the modern bathroom look, we highly suggest a flat bathroom cabinet door style. It’s ideal for the classy minimalist as there’s no detailing needed. Just clean and flat cabinets.

Arched Doors – If you’re fond of cathedrals and beautiful detailing, an arched cabinet door may suit your style! The door front boasts a raised panel with a curve at the top to showcase perfected craftsmanship. Arched bathroom door types may be expensive, but it’s worth it because of its undeniable beauty.

Overlay Design – Bathroom cabinet doors can be a mixture of a shaker and arched doors. An overlay cabinet door design allows plenty of room to achieve a distinct design that is unique and appealing.

If you reside in Nashville or Tennessee area and are looking for a premier cabinet maker, Classic Custom Cabinetry offers custom kitchen cabinetry and bathroom remodeling projects for residential and commercial areas. Contact us to get a complimentary consultation.

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