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Bathroom Cabinets – An Important Element in Every Bath Space

Baths / July 7, 2015

The most critical areas in the house in terms of aesthetics and appeal are the kitchen and bathroom. Realtors and people looking for a new home want a kitchen that is highly functional with beautiful cabinetry; same goes for the bathroom space. These areas can either increase or decrease the house value.

Bathroom cabinets should offer enough storage, no matter how small the space is. In addition, the cabinets set the tone for the design theme of the room – it can be transitional, contemporary, minimalist, eclectic or any other theme that the homeowner wants. Designing a custom bath layout and cabinet placement is a great opportunity to practice creativity to get a spectacular design.

Bath storage designs may come in many forms. If you’re privileged to have enough floor space, you can have a standalone cabinet with separate double bath vanities. You can always keep your design symmetrical to achieve balance and beauty. The benefit of having a large bathroom space is that you have room for storage of your bath supplies, hair dryer, accessories, towels and linens. You can also give some space for guest’s toiletries.

If the space is too cramped, cabinetry with a built-in sink is highly recommended. This style offers attractive and efficient storage for bathrooms that don’t offer enough space. Large mirrors are commonly used for small bathrooms to give the illusion of space and the cabinetry, walls and tiling is commonly white or light colors to make the space roomy and wide.

In terms of medicine cabinets, a growing trend these days is the recessed type. Proper bathroom layout and planning is needed to install these types of storage since it requires cutting through the walls. Mounted medicine cabinets still remains a common choice in every home because of easy installation.

Bathroom cabinets can be bought from a distributor of stock cabinets, semi-custom and custom-made. Of course, we think custom woodwork cabinets are the way to go when building or remodeling a bath. Custom cabinets fit your space, provide the exact functions that you desire and are more beautiful than stock. Contrary to popular opinion, custom cabinets are not always more expensive. The layout, finishing, design and overall look of your cabinets can be further discussed with the contractor. If you reside near Nashville and have plans for updating or renovating your bathroom to raise the value of your home, feel free to contact us. We can help you achieve a beautiful bath with cabinetry tailored to your needs.


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