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Pointers and Cabinet Ideas to Consider for Your Home Bathroom Project

Baths / March 18, 2015

Beautiful cabinetry sets the stage in any room, even the bathroom. Custom cabinets can make even a small space feel elegant and who doesn’t love an elegant bathroom? But poorly chosen cabinets can make all other features of a bathroom appear “cheap” even when they are not.  With that knowledge, it is important to plan and choose cabinets that will fit your bathroom design. Whether you’re planning to build new, remodel or recreate your old bathroom, here are some cabinet ideas and points to consider for your bathroom.


Space, style and functionality.

Have you grown tired of your outdated, boring cabinetry that doesn’t store much yet takes a lot of space? It’s time to let that go or repurpose it with style! Space is an important aspect in any room as it allows people to move around with ease.

When planning your bathroom project, always keep in mind the workspace you have. Prioritize functionality and spacing of every important elements inside the bathroom – shower, vanity, cabinetry and other storage. Style, beauty and aesthetics may come in the latter on your priority list.

Theme and materials.

Choosing every inch and ounce of your materials matters. Especially if you’re intricate and meticulous when it comes with quality and style. Floor plans and designs go hand-in-hand. If you already have a design idea in mind, talk to the contractor so they can successfully materialize your idea.

Choose a theme that will suit your overall look and feel of your home. If you have a traditional home, opt for a custom crafted for your bathroom. Choice of colors, hardware, countertops, wood for your cabinets should match every aspect of the room. Same goes if you’re planning to have a transitional, modern or contemporary bathroom style.

Costs and resources.

In every renovation project, it is important to assess what absolutely must be done.  With this knowledge you can develop a budget based on your projected costs and allocate resources wisely. Do not underestimate the impact of cabinets. It is easy to think cabinetry is less important than function in bathrooms but you can determine how significant cabinetry is once you search photos of baths you like. Then decide if you have to leave room in the budget for custom cabinetry or can just settle for mass-produced cabinets for storage.

Contractors, woodworkers and designer.

Before jumping into hiring a contractor, an interior designer or your local artisans, make sure to thoroughly  research. Ask for previous projects and portfolios, plan and discuss your project timeline with them and negotiate things. Keeping these pointers can lessen stress that might come along with construction and keep your bathroom project on a smooth sail.

Looking for kitchen and bathroom contractors and designers in Tennessee area? We pride ourselves on the work we do and would be glad to discuss your project. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation!


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