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The Beauty of Cherry Cabinets for Nashville Homes

Cabinet Design / July 6, 2016

Choosing the type of wood for your home storage cabinets is like choosing your wardrobe. The decision on which wood type you prefer for your home is base on the aesthetic appeal as well as your personality. If your lifestyle leans towards sophistication, we recommend cherry cabinets that characterize the elegance of hardwood.  

Cherry Cabinets

A cherry kitchen cabinet can range from tan blonde to dark brown hues and isn’t necessarily stain in the recognizable red color. As time passes, stained cabinets naturally darken. The mystic appeal that Cherry wood brings to the cabinetry can easily blend in a classic, Old World or contemporary design style. Regardless of kitchen style, this timeless wood may never go out of style in the interior or kitchen design trends.

Characteristics of Cherry Cabinets

Classic Custom Cabinetry likes to keep our clients informed, and this post on Cherry wood contains useful knowledge on this great wood choice.

Cherry is a naturally beautiful type of timber. If you see cherry wood in its natural or raw form, it’s a beautiful wood. The texture is quite grainy and has a pattern of dark lines. If you fall in love with its light brown shade, you have the option to stain the wood lightly to preserve its natural, nude look.

Cherry is a mystic wood that changes in color over time. Even though cherry cabinets change in color as time goes by, you can still appreciate its charm after several years. But if you choose to preserve its current color, you can ask your local woodworker to use high-grade stain. High-quality stains can help maintain the natural look of cherry wood while protecting them from rapid color changes.

Usually, cherry wood is stained in red, but it doesn’t have to. This type of wood offers a lot of unique characteristics compared to alder, maple, birch or oak. When we define ‘characteristic’ it means that its beauty lies in its imperfections. Woodworkers and artisans stain the wood in a deep stain to conceal those imperfections to make it more appealing.

Because of its unique character, many homeowners choose the elegance of cherry cabinets to bring to their homes. If you’re planning to do a kitchen renovation, living room or home library improvement project, make sure to pick the type and quality of material according to your personality and preference.

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