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Cabinet Lighting Solutions – LED Lights on Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Design,Solutions / March 23, 2016

Under-cabinet lighting in kitchens is one of many options to accentuate the grandeur of your cabinetry. Ideally placed lighting sets the mood and ambiance of a kitchen. Installation of cabinet lighting solutions can be coordinated with a local woodworker. If you’re planning to have lights installed inside your cabinetry, always make sure to talk to your contractor.

Choosing the appropriate lights for your kitchen cabinet is important. It is highly suggested to use LED lights as they don’t excrete heat and are energy-saving. Here are a couple of different cabinet lighting solutions you would like to consider:

#1 Puck lights inside the cabinets or below the cabinetry

Den-counter (1)

One of the top choices for lighting fixtures, these days are puck lights. There are several varieties of models available – some don’t need to be hard-wired. Choose LED bulbs as they do not burn hot which adds added heat inside the kitchen, making it the least choice among all.

#2 LED Strips

A good alternative for fluorescent lamps includes LED strips. These strips are sleek and have a longer shelf life compared to the latter. Although these may come with a hefty price tag, it may work very well in the bottom of the shelvings to serve as a light for the kitchen countertops.

#3 Fluorescent Tubes

In a kitchen atmosphere that has bearable room temperature, homeowners can still go for good old trusted fluorescent tubes. These tubes perform well and are beneficial when they are in the right temperature space – not too hot, not too cold. If these tubes are exposed to extreme temperatures, the possibility of lighting efficiency can be disrupted.

Always remember to discuss your desired lighting with your local woodworker. They will give their honest opinion on which type of cabinet lighting solution will be of a great fit for your kitchen. If you’re looking for cabinet makers in Nashville to install cabinet lighting solutions, don’t hesitate to give Classic Custom Cabinets a call at 615-244-6094.

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