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Premier Cabinet Makers in Nashville, TN

Baths,Kitchens / August 24, 2015

Are you looking for Premier Cabinet Makers in Nashville, TN? Cabinet makers can elevate the value of a home improvement project exponentially.

Most people today spend some of their hard-earned money buying stuff from Home Depot, Lowes, IKEA and other do-it-yourself stores to make improvements to their houses. These homeowners realize that the more renovations, efforts and investments they do for their home the higher its resale value. Since Nashville has been a hot real estate market for the past couple of years, locals are eager to keep up with their interior and exterior home designs.

If you’re looking to improve the look of your outdated kitchen cabinets or add a touch of coolness to your boring bathroom, here are some pointers to consider in hiring the best or premier cabinet makers in Tennessee.

Pointers to look for when choosing the right cabinet maker for your Nashville home, bath and kitchen:

#1 Project proximity

One common thing that most homeowners overlook is the proximity of their contractors or subcontractors to their home. For some projects this really matters in project costs. If you’re on shoe-string budget, it’s best to do research and start within your community. Shipping cabinets from other locations adds unnecessary costs whether they are shipped to your home or to the home improvement store. Nearby contractors and craftsmen will provide more value for the product produced.

#2 Work and customer experience

We’re not talking about the outcome of the cabinet itself.  While that is important, the overall working experience between the contractor and the client from start to finish often determines the satisfaction level. Collaboration and communication are key ingredients in every successful project. It would be nice to hear how the contractor plans, designs and sets a timeline with their client before hiring them. Hearing from their previous clients also gives you an idea of how they really work when handling home improvement projects.

#3 Quality and artistry

Cabinets are major investments in every kitchen. If you’re looking to add an easy $20,000 on top of your current house value, you need to invest in beautiful cabinetry. Hiring a local cabinet maker to custom make your cabinets sure sounds expensive. However, if you’re looking to invest for beauty or personal style that can last for decades; has the durability and strength that can outlast humidity and extremes temperatures, or have some unusual shapes to accommodate, go for customized cabinet wood types that are made out of mahogany, cherry, alder or oak.

Highly skilled craftsmen have the capacity to create intricate and unique designs that add exceptional appeal to your kitchen. Make sure to take a short visit on their shop to personally see how passionate and skilled these woodworkers are.

Do you live within Nashville, Tennessee and want to inquire about custom-made cabinets? Give us a call so we can discuss your next home improvement project.

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