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Cabinet Styles

Cabinet Design / May 15, 2013

The type of kitchen and cabinet styles that you prefer is very much a matter of taste, and it will be influenced by the style of your home. Everyone needs kitchen cabinets to store their dishes, glasses, silverware, cooking tools, food and seasonings. However, the layout of the cabinets and the way they interact with the space is unique to each custom kitchen.

We can make the cabinets with a variety of different door styles, plain and modern or highly decorative. We can add glass, including leaded, stained and colored glass, to the cabinet doors. Glass doors allow you to display your most beautiful dishes while keeping them from collecting dust.

Popular styles for custom kitchen cabinets include Classical, Country-style, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Mission and European Modern. Your kitchen will be unique, but it will almost certainly be inspired by one or more of those basic styles.


Classical architecture is inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. It features cornices and columns with linear details. The classical style was popular at the time when the U.S. was founded, so the architectural and decorating styles known as “federal” and “colonial” are both variations on it.


Country-style kitchens can begin with a classical look, but we usually think of them as rustic, as well. They might feature rough-looking beams or distressed wood, for example. A country style kitchen would look good with herbs hanging to dry and a pair of muddy boots by the door. It is earthy and casual.


Victorian-style cabinetry is massive, heavy and usually stained dark. It can have classical details, but it may also include decorative elements that are sculptural or exotic. The Victorian style gets a bad rap in some circles – both the Arts and Crafts and Modernist movements were reactions against it – but it’s both impressive and exuberant, and it leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau

The Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau styles date to the late nineteenth century. The Arts and Crafts style tends to be fairly simple, with just enough detail to give the cabinetry texture and elegance. Leaded glass is a common element in the Arts and Crafts cabinetry. Art Noveau is lighter and curvier; inspired by organic forms. For example, in the Lord of Rings Films, the elves decorate in a style that’s clearly inspired by Art Noveau. Both styles come out of a philosophy that values craftsmanship and creativity over mass production.


The mission style is often mixed and mixed up with Arts and Crafts. Both tend to feature solid, sturdy furniture with a fairly simple design. Mission style is native to the west, especially the southwest. It’s a little rougher-looking than Arts and Crafts.


European kitchens are clean and efficient, with  high quality materials and a minimum of ornamentation. The modern style aims to bring out the beauty in simple materials like solid wood, glass and stainless steel.

Of course, all of these kitchen styles can feature embellishments like decorative columns and pilasters, cornices and trim. You can choose decorative glass cabinet doors and any cabinet door style you like. You can use these basic styles as guidelines, but the fact is, each of the kitchens we design is unique. Tell us what you like about your favorite styles, and we’ll come up with something perfect for your home.

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