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Choosing the Right Materials for Your Cabinets

Uncategorized / September 12, 2014

The thought of updating your kitchen or bathroom is exciting and can be energy-draining at the same time.  Based on research, a huge amount of the renovation resources go toward cabinetry. To save yourself from disaster, choosing the right materials at the very beginning for your cabinets is important. Here’s a simple guide to walk you through how to make the best choices.

white glass cabinetsSet a theme.

Before anything else, you need to decide which theme to use for your cabinetry. You can choose a wide array of theme from country, traditional, Mediterranean, contemporary to a futuristic or ultra modern finish. Having a theme will set the tone and ambiance of the room.

Decide what material to use.

Wood remains the standard choice of many because of its popularity among kitchen households. Although there are also different materials to choose such as stainless steels and metals, the versatility of wood is highly preferred especially for custom-built cabinets. Choose from birch, oak or maple for the classy and elegant look! Whatever material you wish to use, make sure that it will suit your chosen theme.

Functionality, space and storage.

Cabinets are solely built for storage, aesthetic comes as secondary. Always consider the space of the room together of its functionality when buying or building cabinets.

Styling and detailing.

This can be tricky and requires a lot of creativity as styling could make or break your overall cabinetry look. If you know what you really want to achieve, let the experts know! Address your what you’d like to see in terms of the cabinetry mounting and door style. If you’d like to mold your cabinet for customization, submit and coordinate your design to the team. For hardware, knobs and drawer pulls, be extra careful to pick them as it creates an impact of the final look of your cabinetry.

Picking and adding the hardware.

Hardware acts as accessories to your cabinetry. Make sure to choose knobs and drawer pulls that will greatly compliment the material, style and function of your cabinets as it decides the final look of your project.

Planning to upscale your boring kitchen? Let the team of experts from Classic Custom Cabinetry assist you to bring your ideas into life that will fit you and your family’s lifestyle and needs.

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