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Classic Custom Cabinetry Designs Home Theatres for Nashville, TN Homeowners

Cabinet Design / July 7, 2014

Pass the popcorn! It’s show time!  Oh, but wouldn’t you like to avoid the crowds and have a fabulous movie experience right in your own home? You can, with the help of Classic Custom Cabinetry. You’ll love having your neighbors, friends, family—even all your kids’ friends—over for movie nights in your own custom designed home theatre.

Home Theatres Cabinetry Designed by Classic Custom Cabinetry

With custom wood and cabinetry designs  by Classic Custom Cabinetry, it’ll be even better than going out to the movies!

There are many pitfalls in designing a home theatre, and you need the expertise of a professional like Classic Custom Cabinetry to avoid them.

Location and Room Decor

The first decision is simply one word:  Where? Do you already have a room, or will you build on? Either way, the best location is away from the bustle of the house. Will the room be used only for movies, or will it double as a game room? Classic Custom Cabinetry can help achieve a terrific flex room. The ideal space for a home theatre is 20’ x 13’, but it can also be done in a 12’x 12’ space. NOTE: If it’s in the basement, you absolutely must have moisture control! We can handle that!

We’ll build custom cabinets to store your DVDs, and your screen and speakers, with a remote control to hide them when not in use, if desired.  Custom draperies can be worked into the design, just like a real theatre. Include space for a built-in mini-kitchen, a popcorn machine, and perhaps even a mini concession stand stocked with candy to mimic the authentic theatre experience.

Equipment, Wiring, Lighting and Sound

Trust the professionals in the purchase and installation of your equipment. Get the right size for your room, and be sure it is all mounted for optimum visual and sound. The wiring will naturally be complicated, and you’ll need a professional to build them in so you don’t have wires showing everywhere.

Of course, you want the best sound possible, and many factors come into play there, including sound control, diffusion, attenuation, suppression, and absorption—aspects that are beyond the knowledge of the average person. You’ll need sound proofing to contain the sound in your theatre. Floors, walls, and doors must be taken into consideration, as sound will leak out of the room through even the smallest of openings. We can handle that!

You’ll Be Creating Lasting Memories

This is a major expenditure for your home, and it will be worth every penny for the memories it will create. With Classic Custom Cabinetry, you’ll know it will be done right. Then all you have to do is look forward to opening night—and decide if want extra butter on that popcorn!

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