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Why There’s a Need to Consult a Pro Before Remodeling the Kitchen

Uncategorized / December 29, 2014

Remodeling your kitchen is a huge investment. It eats up a lot of time, effort and financial resources. However, all these investments will pay off if everything turns out beautiful and right on spot in the end.

So before starting a home improvement project, thorough planning and  assessment is imperative. This will help you set your goals, visualize your expectations from the outset, and give you an idea how much the project will cost.  The pros have seen many a project and have ideas or products that you may not have thought of.  For example, did you consider turning the cabinet into a deep drawer for pots and pans or adding a family planning station?

To help you fully prepare for the entire remodeling project, seeking assistance and the need to consult from a professional will shed light on what you want to achieve for your dream kitchen. An interior designer or an expert contractor can further assess your place and add suggestions. Furthermore, they can also determine which cabinets, countertops, center islands or any kitchen piece can stay and which pieces need to be retired. This can aid you in cutting costs and allotting these savings to a statement piece later on.

Classic Custom Cabinetry has experts who have planned and built many new and remodeled kitchens. We would be glad to help you in planning a new kitchen and give you a complete breakdown of cost and options. For a complimentary consultation, give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment.  To help you achieve the kitchen you dreamed of, below are a few pointers to consider for a successful kitchen overhaul when partnering with your contractor and designer.

  • Note schedules and timelines. The homeowner and the contractor should firmly discuss project deadlines and timeline. Knowing every detail of the project’s schedule will help both parties stay on track for the improvements and keep things organized.
  • Schedule timely meetings. Attending weekly meetings to see first hand the site is a must for both project managers and the homeowner. This is a great opportunity to seek feedback on tangible improvements and get questions answered for both parties.
  • Pick a mode of communication in times of emergency. There might be those days where there’s an unwanted situation such as workers can’t work due to bad weather conditions or emergency, or deliveries didn’t made it on time or other needs that must be urgently addressed. Always make it a point to discuss which mode of communication both sides prefer – will it be thru emails, text or phone calls – to not interfere with their busy schedules.

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