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Craftsman-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Design / January 29, 2015

The birth of the arts and crafts movement began in the late 19th century as retaliation to mass production of commercial-made furniture. This awakened the artisans and woodworkers’ thirst to seek quality and individuality in every masterpiece. Thus, the desire to craft intricate pieces and fine woodworking has emerged to combat mass-produced cabinets that are made from artificial or light wood materials.

In order to achieve a traditional and antique-like cabinetry looks, woodworkers are keen to add specific detail molding. Also they see to it that they use heavy woods such as maple, cherry or oak for a sturdy finish that can last for a lifetime. To preserve the innate beauty of furniture, most artisans prefer not to stain or color the wood. Whenever necessary, cream, soft or earth tone hues can blend in well on these cabinets.

Because these craftsman-style kitchen cabinets are heavy on wood detailing, interior designers suggest to go light on flooring. A wood on wood cabinet and flooring may not go well together. Nor will a wood on wood backsplash and cabinet. You want to make sure that your cabinets will be the central attraction. A low key and contrasting flooring and countertops – marble and soapstones perhaps – are preferred. For backsplashes, compliment the beautiful cabinetry with a fancy tiling.In pricing, expect to stretch your budget as these custom-made cabinetry costs are high compared to semi-custom made cabinets. Artisans put their creativity and passion into crafting a unique masterpiece according to your preference. It requires extensive woodworking and a lot of time. However, you can expect a well-built, high-quality and beautiful cabinet that won’t fade for a long period of time.

Here at Classic Custom Cabinetry, “Quality craftsmanship, professional integrity and elegant designs” are our hallmarks. Feel free to drop us a call or contact us for consultation and assistance.

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