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Custom Bath Vanities and Cabinets are All Tailor-Made

Uncategorized / October 27, 2014

One of the essential elements of a bathroom is a sink. And for many households, the sink is located in the vanity which is a popular accessory for any powder room. If you want a bathroom vanity tailored to your needs with its own personal touch, you can have them customized. Here at Classic Custom Cabinetry, we can make your dream vanity and bathroom cabinetry!

They say that custom-made bath cabinets cost more than those found at big retailers. While it is possible that they cost more, it is not a fact. If you chose to have unique, customized cabinets, they can make a huge impact for your home with lifetime-lasting quality and beauty. Moreover, here are a handful of reasons why custom bath vanities and cabinetry also matters in the bathroom.

custom bath vanities and cabinets

  • Experts at Classic Custom Cabinetry can tailor-make your cabinets and bath vanities. It’s like a tailored made evening gown or suite from a fashion designer.
  • Custom cabinets prioritize storage and functionality. You can simply ask for more shelves, drawers and boxes for your organization needs.
  • You won’t see your personalized cabinets and vanity anywhere else. It’s yours and they’re not mass-produced unlike commercial ones.
  • You can choose the type of wood for cabinets, color, knobs and even hardware! You can also amplify the decor with your choice of wood carving design.
  • Custom cabinets can be built in accordance to your chosen style or theme which is appropriate for your bathroom space.

Whatever your needs, be sure to give Classic Custom Cabinetry a call to see if we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams or at least a more functional space!

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