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Custom Cabinet Solutions for Nashville and Tennessee Residents

Solutions / November 14, 2016

Imagine a home without sufficient storage space. Everything will be cramped, messy and there is probably clutter everywhere. Every home should have an ample amount of storage space to keep things organized and secured. Who wouldn’t want a clean, organized and functional home suitable for family living? Custom cabinet solutions are critical to deal with storage issues even if minimal living space area is not a major concern.

Classic Custom Cabinetry has been in the woodworking business for more than 20 years and has been designing, crafting and installing custom cabinets solutions in Nashville and Tennessee area.  Whether you need cabinetry for your kitchen, living room, family area, bathroom or personal closet space, we provide solutions specifically designed to your needs.

Custom Cabinet Solutions for Homes

custom kitchen cabinets

Kitchen – Nothing beats a functional and beautiful kitchen. When it comes to storage, every kitchen cabinet, drawer, shelf, and pullouts has a purpose to serve. Our custom kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands are crafted in exquisite designs whether built in new or renovations in an older home.

bathroom cabinets

Bathroom –  Cabinetry and vanity are a critical element in bath design. If given importance, cabinetry enhances the overall look and feel of the design creating a spa-like feeling. Aside from the appeal it brings, a customized bath vanity and cabinet provide functional storage space to store all your toiletries, bath and body care products.

media cabinets

Family Room – Going crazy with several cable wires that keep the room cluttered and messy? A good solution is building a custom cabinet for your media electronics. Doing so will keep all cables wires hidden making the room organized and neat.

custom closet design

Personal Closet – Men and women alike love to dress up. Keep all clothing, winter clothes, shoes and accessories organized with a custom cabinet.

For woodworking projects, feel free to contact us to get your complimentary consultation.

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