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Custom-Made Bathroom Vanity Cabinets for the Classy Family

Baths / April 25, 2016

Beautiful bathroom vanity cabinets set the ambiance for the look of the bathroom. As part of the central bathroom design, the bathroom sink is a central focal point and deserves attention. If you want to upgrade the look of your master bath, start by remodeling your sink and have custom-made bathroom vanity cabinets installed.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Nashville

As a premier local cabinet maker in Nashville for more than two decades, Classic Custom Cabinetry has proven to have a track record of quality woodwork projects. From exquisite kitchen cabinet designs, wood paneling, moldings and office cabinets, our team of skilled artisans are also versed in crafting bath cabinets.

One of our clients requested a soft-toned single vanity that easily blends with the tiling and walls. Our woodworkers designed a functional vanity with ample amount of storage to keep bath supplies and toiletries organized.

bathroom vanity cabinets

The single vanity is made from alder wood and was lacquered in soft beige. The design includes the two-door cabinet with three pull-out drawers with plumbing fixtures and faucets in rustic gold.

A simple yet elegant custom bathroom vanity for two is spot on for couples who deserve more for their master bath design.

custom bath cabinets

If your bath is privileged to have a spacious area, a bath double vanity would be the perfect piece of furniture for your master bath. The simplicity of white countertops, cabinets and pullouts are truly phenomenal. With tall and wide mirrors, the bathroom space screams utmost luxury. If you look closely, the corner area has been customized and was used as a dressing area for the ladies – a perfect spot to do the hair and apply cosmetics.

The entire look of your bathroom can be boosted with beautiful cabinetry. If you’re planning to do a face lift to your bath, look for a design concept that will suit your family needs. If you reside in the Tennessee area and love our designs, feel free to give us a ring at 615-244-6094 for a complimentary consultation.

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