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Custom-Made Closet and Bedroom Cabinets

Cabinet Design,Solutions / October 21, 2015

Custom made closets and bedroom cabinets make your home feel larger, cleaner and more organized. Whether you have a large or a small house, every home needs smart storage to keep things organized. For a big family, a mudroom is an efficient place to store all winter wear, sports equipment, caps, boots and shoes. You can also leave a space for guests to use to hang their coats or hats.

This is one of the custom-made closets or mudrooms we created for a family in Nashville, Tennessee. We opted for a distressed and natural finish for a cottage-style ambiance. Crown molding is present to give a finished look and add beauty to the room. This room also has a large space to store bulky or long sports equipment such as skis.


Each closet within the mudroom is customized for the owner. So that each family member can keep their hats, coats, shoes and assorted items together.

We also custom build smart closets to fit a family’s lifestyle. A walk-in closet is one of the few things both men and women agree they need when remodeling or building a new home. A well built closet allows everyone to store all their fashion necessities and most of their assorted items – bags, shoes, everyday clothing, work clothes, accessories and everything in between.

The custom-made walk-in closet, shown above, that our skilled artisans created for a Nashville family. Every aspect of the design is planned and well-thought out enabling efficiency and flow. Open shelving, a mixture of small and tall bedroom cabinetry, pullout drawers and a standalone island offers sufficient storage for the master suite. Built-in lighting is also installed at the back to offer adequate lighting even at night.

Every project we build is custom-made, designed and crafted uniquely. If you love the quality of our craftsmanship and would like to know more about our services, you can contact our Nashville office by phone at 615-244-6094 or you can simply send us an email.

We can also collaborate with your chosen interior designer to help you build your dream walk-in closet or bedroom cabinet for your entire family.

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