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Custom Woodwork in the Bathroom

Baths / July 3, 2013

In most homes, the bathrooms are designed around practical issues, and a thorough understanding of the client’s needs is always at the foundation of a good bathroom design. However, it doesn’t need to end there. A bathroom can be highly usable, durable and beautiful, and it can even be a nice place for escape and relaxation: a home spa and a personal retreat.

Meeting the Basic Requirements

The most basic bathroom has a sink, a toilet and a tub/shower, and in many homes, bathroom space is at a premium. In these smaller bathrooms, the challenge is to create a beautiful and functional space for self-care given a limited number of square feet.

In larger bathrooms, the challenge is to create an arrangement that takes full advantage of the extra space from an aesthetic perspective. A large bathroom should have a clean, expansive feel rather than being allowed to become cluttered and chaotic.

Bathrooms need adequate and accessible storage for personal grooming tools and supplies, for health supplies and for linens. Built-in wood cabinetry can bring everything together. Many of our bathroom projects feature sink cabinets and custom cabinetry with space for everything that isn’t stored under the sink(s). Wood can also be used for trim and ornamentation, enhancing the beauty of the room.

Taking it To the Next Level

It is amazing how much can be stored neatly in a small space with custom woodwork and cabinetry, and a custom bathroom design by Classic Custom Cabinets can change a small bathroom in an older home from a liability into an asset.

However, it is wonderful having more space, and it opens up design possibilities. For example, parts of a larger bathroom can be made private or semi-private, making it comfortable for more than one person to use at the same time.

One thing that we love to add to a bathroom? A built-in dressing table or vanity, or even a whole dressing area. It makes the process of getting ready so much easier when you can step out of the shower, step into your clothes, put your hair into order and do everything else you need to, all in the same room and with water always at hand.

With all the demands of work and family, sometimes it seems like the bathroom is the only place where it’s possible to find time alone to think. Why fight it? Good design and custom cabinetry can turn an ordinary bathroom into a beautiful space for personal care and reflection.

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