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Custom Woodwork in the Family Room

Cabinet Design / December 9, 2013

Custom Woodwork in the Family Room

Custom Woodwork is ideal in the Family Room to accommodate the variety of activities. A family room is a flexible space where people can spend time together watching TV and movies, reading, playing games and socializing. There’s usually a media component, for example, a home theater system. There are places to sit comfortably, and ideally, there’s enough open space for kids to play. It’s a place to spend time together as a family and a place for casual entertaining.

A Family Room is a Flexible Space

When we design a family room, it’s often a flexible space. The cabinetry might include places for media storage and for electronic devices. Many families also like to store snacks, drinks and glasses in the family room so that they’re more easily accessible. Sideboards, liqueur cabinets and well designed wood cabinets that provide storage space for toys and games are all great additions to a family room.

  • A Home Theater: Some families like the TV and video setup to be hidden in a custom cabinet when it’s not in use. Others like a big, wall mounted screen with all of the equipment, wires and media that are used with it tucked neatly away into wood cabinetry.
  • A Games Room: Custom wood cabinetry can be used to tuck foldable furniture like card tables and chairs out of sight, and it can provide places for the games, too. The family room can transform into a classic games room.
  • An Exercise Room: Wood cabinetry can store exercise equipment so that the room can easily transform into a gym, perhaps with the entertainment system being used for active games. There can be easily accessible places to hide all of the equipment and controllers and if needed, videos and video games stored on any type of physical or electronic media.
  • A Music Room: Why not install cabinets that can store musical cases, stands, sheet music, amps and other accessories, perhaps while displaying the instruments so they’re always accessible? You can have pick-up family jam sessions in the family room.

Well designed custom wood cabinetry can bring all of this to the family room – and keep it looking nice enough for company.

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