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Dark Wood or Light Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet Design / April 12, 2015

Amidst the rising trend of stainless steel appliances, cupboards and cabinets in a modern-designed kitchen, hard wood still remains the popular choice for kitchen cabinetry. The question is, what type of wood tone or wood color best suits your kitchen?

Here are some factors you might like to consider before deciding if you’re going for a dark wood or light wood finish for your cabinets..

Consider the kitchen’s flooring and wall color.

Your walls and flooring set up the ambiance and mood of your kitchen – dark wood flooring creates a dramatic effect when contrasted with soft wall colors while light wood flooring makes any room feel bright and larger. You could simply match the tone of your wood flooring for your cabinets.

Contrasts works great as well. If you opt for a light flooring, cherry cabinets or darker shades creates a good pair! Get creative and mix and match which tones and combinations you like best and compliment all elements found in your kitchen..

Consider the kitchen’s lighting.

Can natural light freely enter your kitchen? If natural light is a slight problem, we suggest going for a light wood – unless you want a kitchen that looks more like a cave. For a room without much light, using light wood for your cabinets adds dimension to a room and helps keep the space feeling light and easy on the eyes.

Consider the wood type and wood quality you’re working.

InNot all wood types work equally well with both wood tones. Some wood work best in a rich-dark hue, for example, Mahogany. While most types of wood color varies based on the staining – whether the wood finish is naturally stained or painted according to your preferences. Cherry, gunstock, maple, and oak are the most common wood types used in kitchen cupboards and cabinets. They are known because of their natural beauty, quality and durability.

There are many other factors that can affect the color of your kitchen cabinetry choice. Bottom line is, as long as it makes your kitchen functional and looks good, then go for your desired style. There are no right and wrongs when it comes to personal style and uniqueness. Whatever your choice, whether light or dark, grand to simple, Classic Custom Cabinetry can help you build the kitchen of your dreams! Call us today at 615-244-6094 to schedule for a complimentary consultation.

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