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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Designs for Nashville Homes

Kitchens / May 8, 2017

It is never too late to go green. A guiding principle in eco-friendly kitchen design is to be conscious about the materials you buy and use. Simply put, it aims to promote the three R’s – reuse, repurpose and recycle as much as possible.

In previous years, going eco-friendly carried a hefty price. But since earth-friendly products are now available on a wider scale, the market has become competitive, and the prices are now reasonable.

ecofriendly kitchen design

Ideas for An Eco-Friendly Kitchen Designs

Often, going green means investing twenty to thirty percent more of your projected costs. But today’s creative and inventive designs that embrace the green movement means eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily equate to extra cost. You can make updates with no additional expense if you have a well thought out plan and a reliable contractor.

Here are some ideas on how to “save” and make the most of your hand-picked materials for your next eco-friendly kitchen design.

#1 Repurpose old wood and remodel with recycled materials.

If your old cabinets are still in good shape, tell your contractor to have it stained or even painted for a brand new look! You can also repurpose old wood by using it to create other furniture. You can, for example, use the old cabinet doors to make a beautiful headboard for your bed. You can also use the old wood to create new storage or shelving for your kitchen or bathroom. Get your creative juices flowing as the sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas!

#2 Think Efficiency.

If you’re joining the green movement, you should always consider having the most efficient appliances and materials for your kitchen. Choose appliances that are under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program. The devices consume 10% to 50% less energy as compared to standard models.

As for the doors and windows, choose materials that have improved insulation and are thermally efficient. You can go for vinyl or fiberglass windows that are energy-efficient and are also low-maintenance.

#3 Choose organic.

Standard paints contain volatile organic compound (VOCs) that emit air contaminants. Eco-safe paints are VOC-free and can decrease the risk of long-term illness effects. Investing extra cash on eco-safe paints is a sound investment for the sake of the environment and your family’s health.

If you decide to remodel your kitchen and make it eco-friendly, contact us! Classic Custom Cabinetry has been in the woodworking business for over 25 years. Call us today at (615) 244-6094 or use our contact form to schedule for a complimentary consultation with us.

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