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Gallatin’s Gem: Fairvue Mansion

Cabinet Design,Customers / January 18, 2016

If you reside in Tennessee, the Fairvue Mansion in Gallatin may ring a bell. The Fairvue Mansion was built in 1832 by Issac Franklin and his wife Adelicia (who later built Belmont Mansion). Fairvue has been home for three families to date; the Franklins’, Wemyss’ and Moores’. The residential house offers several stories to tell as it stands witness to the Civil War and the Great Depression during the 1930s. The 11,288 square feet historic mansion has hit the real estate market with a $6.9 million price tag.

The house boasts a total of 16 rooms that consists of 5 bedrooms, six bathrooms, and one-half bath plus an infinity pool and nearly 13 acres of land. One of the most magnificent and splendid houses in Tennessee according to the New York Times!

Classic Custom Cabinetry and Fairvue Mansion Remodeling

Preserving the property’s history while updating the functionality was a difficult task for the Moore family. It has been historical site for several years and became the Last Plantation in Gallatin. The family announced their plans for renovations several years ago. They wanted the home to be livable and fit their family’s needs while keeping the history alive.

Classic Custom Cabinetry was chosen to help in restore and renovate parts of the Gallatin mansion. It was our privilege to become part of the team, and we are proud to share the results of this beautiful home.

One of our projects was to design a fully-functional kitchen but keep the story it has to tell. The distressed finishes found on most cabinets exudes a rustic and historic ambiance. The external wooden beam ceilings, wood specialties, and wooden architectural archways bolstered an exquisite Old World kitchen design that’s truly warm and inviting for family and guests.

Of course, no luxurious home is complete without a wine area. Found in hallways of the Fairvue Plantation rests a gorgeous nook. A great place to socialize, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy the beautiful woodworking. Our Nashville cabinet makers and artisans successfully delivered high-end custom-built cabinetry and astonishing wooden archways.

Our working experience with the Moore family was one-of-a-kind. It was truly an honor to have been part of the prestigious residential remodeling project that we’ll never forget.

The home is on the market and a lucky family will become the fourth owners.

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