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How to Make Your Home Inviting for the Holidays

Uncategorized / December 9, 2014

Christmas season is right around the corner. Family, friends and guests will be coming in and out of your house to celebrate the holidays with you. Want to make a fabulous first impression and an inviting vibe for your house guests? Below are some easy tips that can give your home a facelift!

Photo from idecorsz

Make your entryway or foyer scream Christmas!

The entryway or the front porch will be the very first area that your guests will see once they step into your home. Put up a beautiful Christmas wreath at your door matched with a stunning rug or floor runner. Make your home more inviting to people with adequate lighting – use candles for a touch of romance and create a more warming effect.

Make sure to have a good smelling home.

Light up scented candles around to make your home smell crisp, clean and fresh. You can scatter around a bowl of potpourri for that long lasting scent. Make sure not to go overboard with the scent. Some people could be turned off if the scent is too powerful for their noses.

Prepare and ready your snacks and treats.

Since you’re the host, you are expected to be fully prepared and ready to feed and entertain your guests. It’s always nice to offer beverages to your guests – will it be tea, coffee or hot chocolate for the kids. Compliment the drink with a freshly baked brownies or Christmas cookies for them to munch so they can comfortably settle in.

Make your kitchen festive!

We always say that the kitchen is the heart and hub of a home. Give your kitchen a facelift it deserves this Christmas season with sparkles and shine. This will give you an opportunity to showcase your sleek kitchen appliances and your beautiful cabinetry while preparing food to serve on the table.

Is your home ready for the holidays? What are you waiting for? Find the perfect pine tree, set a theme and decorate starting today!

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