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Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas – Liven up Your Kitchen with Colors

Uncategorized / September 29, 2014

Choosing the appropriate kitchen cabinet color can be frustrating especially when there’s an endless list of colors and shade variations to choose from. One of the best ways to curb your frustration is to pick a color that makes you feel comfortable and happy at the same time.

One thing every household should consider before applying paint to your cabinets is that whatever color you wish to use, it will set the tone throughout your kitchen and should compliment your overall theme.

dark colored cabinets

The simple solution-natural wood!

If you opt for a natural finish, wooden cabinets are your best bet. You can simply have them varnished or apply stain or simply leave the color and texture as it is. Whenever you grow tired of the color, that’s the best time to put on an apron and start painting your cabinets in any color you wish.

You’ll never go wrong with neutral colors!

Are you a minimalist or love the retro look and contrast of black and white? Do you prefer a kitchen with white cabinets  for that fresh, crisp, clean and inviting ambiance? Gray is a growing trend lately in many homes as it can be easily paired with just about any color. You can also opt for nudes for an earthy kitchen.

Using neutral painted tones for your cabinets is the safest way to go and can open up several opportunities to play with colors for your backsplash, flooring and counter tops. It’s much easier to dress a room using a neutral palette by incorporating bold colors and prints to serve as accessories to your kitchen.

Don’t be afraid and go bold!

Make room and step out from your comfort zone and select a striking color for your kitchen cabinets. Colors stimulate your appetite and some say that color enhances digestion which is great for kitchens. Try pastel colors for a light and breezy vibe or venture into an electric blue or a striking deep red to entice your appetite. Use a complementary color scheme to blend in more colors for your cabinets and shelves.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with kitchen cabinet colors. It is a great representation of your personality android creative  self. Be unique just like color. Have fun picking the perfect combination and hue that will suit you, your family and your home.

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