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Utilize Space with Kitchen Corner Cabinets

Cabinet Design,Kitchens / October 26, 2016

Kitchen corner cabinets are the trickiest to organize since they are not easy to access due to a narrow opening. Even though corner kitchen cabinets may seem awkward to use; they do offer a lot of space. Many people prefer to maximize that space rather than see it go to waste.

Since it is a common trouble area for most homeowners, contractors and cabinet makers alike design corner cabinets with functionality. Here are some of the ideas and inspirations on how to utilize the space for corner kitchen cabinets to make organizing efficient, fun and worthwhile.

Kitchen Corner Cabinet Storage Ideas

Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most expensive home improvement projects. Everything should be functional and aesthetically appealing. A smart storage solution improves the efficiency of a kitchen. As for corner cabinets, a seasoned cabinet maker may design a corner base cabinet shelving to store heavy bakeware and some appliances.

Others may also utilize the kitchen corner storage through the use of pullout drawers. Pull out drawers are not limited to a square or rectangular shapes. Some designers use their creativity to come up with a unique idea to organize. Some use different shapes such as rhombuses or triangles. Get your creativity going and design something that will make your corner cabinet functional and fun to use!

The most common organization hack for corner kitchen cabinets is the use of lazy susans. One can never go wrong with this setup as you can easily see the utensils arranged accordingly. You can store chunky pots, pans, mixing bowls, strainers, glasswares and everything you desire. Lazy susans can be easily navigated and organized.


Lastly, you may also design a secret pull out drawer for your corner storage to keep your cooking utensils close at hand but out of sight.

Having a corner kitchen cabinet shouldn’t be an eye stain. With these design inspirations and ideas, you have a way to turn your “awkward” corner cabinetry into a fun and attractive storage. If you need help in working on your cabinetry, Classic Custom Cabinetry can help you remodel your cabinets based on your preference and liking. Contact one of the premier cabinet makers in Nashville as we help translate your dreams and turn them into a reality.

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