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Kitchen Design Trends for 2016 – What’s Hot for Nashville Kitchens in 2016?

Cabinet Design,Kitchens / December 17, 2015

In a few days, we are saying goodbye to 2015. We will welcome another year full of hope and optimism. Why not start your year by planning for a kitchen upgrade? It would be both a rewarding and fulfilling achievement for you and your family to have your dated kitchen renovated. If you want to know the latest home improvement trends, here are some inspirations and ideas to keep you posted on what’s hot and what’s not for Nashville kitchen design trends for 2016.

Timeless traditional look.

Tradition has been passed on from generations to generations. Even though a traditional kitchen design may look old or historic, it still holds a charm that captivates the heart of the family. Think about the effortless beauty of mahogany, oak or the cherry woods.  Plastic and other commercially-made materials cannot compare to the innate beauty of the wood.

What makes wood more special is its versatility and quality. Furthermore, the wood cabinetry can be custom-made specifically for function and aesthetic purposes. Wood is still ‘in’ for 2016 and will be forever.


Traditional with a hint of modern age.

If you want to break away from the traditional design, try to incorporate some modern furnishing to make a transitional kitchen design. This trend is a common practice for those people who adapt their current lifestyle while balancing the beauty of the traditional layout. Industrial lighting and large stainless steel appliances can hide in beautiful cabinetry and wooden beams.


The transitional style includes both modernized elements with intricate wood designs to create the look.

Contemporary and modern kitchen.


Millennials are now part of the workforce. As they gain experience and become a larger consumer force, custom cabinet makers are adapting to this new market. They were born and raised with technology and digital everything – we expect them to have a fresh perspective regarding needs and kitchen styling.

Most of the newest trends in a contemporary or modern kitchen design includes a clean, streamlined look. Clean lines are prevalent in the cabinets with metal pieces serving as the main accessory. Geometric shapes are commonly visible as well as a sense of symmetry in the kitchen arrangement.

Metals, Brass, and industrial furnishings are top picks and are a growing trend. Cabinets and kitchen counters are often painted in bold colors such as black, red or even purple with a glossy finish. However, most homeowners still prefer to paint their cabinets in nude or in the neutral color. Gray is among the top picks this year as is navy blue. The trend is likely to continue next year.

Regardless of the style of kitchen cabinetry, the improved functionality and customized options a cabinet shop can provide you are endless.  Be sure to talk with us before you begin your kitchen redesign project.

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