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Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens

Kitchens / October 15, 2015

There’s a growing population of people who wanted to keep their life simple, downsize and chose to live smaller. Small apartment living is a growing lifestyle that currently attracts individuals and small families to try a different way of living. Even though ‘small houses’ are considered tiny, they still require a full kitchen to store, prepare and cook meals for the family. Here are some kitchen ideas if you consider having a full kitchen for your small space.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

It is important to put efficiency in your kitchen space. In designing for small kitchens, here are some tips most contractor and interior designers will advise:

#1 High-ceiling Cabinets

Due to limited space, you need to maximize the use of your walls. Install high-ceiling cabinets that offer enough storage for all your cooking, baking and dining utensils. We recommend having them custom-made so they can fit beautifully in your small kitchen. You also have the choice of creating smart cabinets for a more organized and efficient kitchen. To create an illusion of a bigger and wider space, use glass or lucite cabinet doors.

#2 Incorporate shelves and baskets for kitchen organization.

The use of trays and baskets can help you store and properly organize cups, spices, condiments and other clutter in the kitchen. Baskets and shelves also bring out a homey and inviting ambiance for family and guests.

#3 Swivel seats or seats that can be tucked and kept.

Small houses should be carefully laid out and planned. If you have a small space for your dining area or breakfast nook, you can simply use swivel chairs or tuck-away seating to save space. This small kitchen idea will allow more room for people to move around the room.

#4 Opt for light shades.

Steer clear for dark-colored cabinets and dark-colored walls. You might want to choose a lighter color like whites, greys and creams that can make a kitchen look twice as big than dark colors.

#5 Hang your pots and pans.

Among the most effective yet quickest method to utilize and organize your kitchen is to hang your pots and pans. Open shelving is also a great option if you don’t want to hang them.

If you are considering building, buying or remodeling a small home, please contact us for your new kitchen!

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