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Kitchen Ideas – From Rustic, Country, to Contemporary and Modern

Kitchens / March 25, 2015

Different people have different taste, style and preferences for their home’s kitchen ideas. Some adore the charm of a shabby-chic kitchen. Some of us prefer the warmth of a traditional or a country style kitchen. Still others like the minimalistic vibe of a modern contemporary kitchen. Whether you’re a rustic lover, an aficionado of an old world drama or a fan of modern-era style, here’s a compilation of these different kitchen ideas and styles.

Rustic Kitchen

Don’t you just like everything about this kitchen? From its lighting fixtures, stone wall, rustic chairs and the aging wood. It exudes a particular vibe of warmth that makes you want to curl up in your PJs with a warm cup of soup.

Old World Kitchen

There are several beautiful details and elements that an old world kitchen that can charm you and any of your guests. The shine, vibrant colors and its distressed finish captures a timeless touch that never gets old.

Traditional Kitchen

What makes a “traditional kitchen” different from any other kitchen style? The little details and embellishments which make your kitchen unique and interesting. Whether these personal touches are found on your cabinetry, wall panels, ceilings or even the kitchen island, these embellishments captures the nature of a unique and traditional kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen


When the old meets the new, the outcome is an open interpretation in a person’s mind. There are no boundaries, no rules to follow and everything can be styled differently. The floor is all yours to play and be creative with.

Contemporary Kitchen

Because trends happen in a yearly cycle, people are trying to fit into the modern era we live in. A modern and contemporary kitchen includes sleek, stainless appliances, plain or bold colored cabinetry, and an edgy look.

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