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Kitchen Makeover Tips – Flipping an Outdated Kitchen Within Budget

Kitchens / November 9, 2014

Does your kitchen look tired and outdated? Perhaps it’s time to transform your dull kitchen! Don’t worry if you have a tight budget, we’ll give our very best to help you achieve your dream kitchen update following these budget-friendly kitchen makeover tips and hacks.

kitchen makeover tips

Re-order your appliances

If you don’t want any major renovation happening to your kitchen, an easy and low cost solution is to re-arrange your appliances and movable islands. By exchanging the placement of your oven, microwave, refrigerator or finding a new sweet spot it can easily give your kitchen a refresh.

Upgrade your old appliances

Sometimes, all your kitchen needs is a brand new appliance. As much as we love vintage and shabby appliances, most of the time especially when refurbishing is not the answer, we have to let them go. Our advice, go for stainless steel. They easily  match your kitchen cabinets and other appliances. It doesn’t have to be a top-of-the-line brand as long as it is made with high quality material and can serve its purpose, they’re good to go.

Make paint your new best friend

If you’re bored staring at your dark cabinets, why not paint them in crisp white or cream. If you’re adventurous enough, go for a bright or bold color to make your kitchen pop! Painting your cabinetry is one of those cost-effective ways to instantly change a kitchen’s ambiance. You can do it by yourself or hire a contractor to do the work for you.

Consider open shelving

If you want something fun and refreshing in your kitchen, you may like to consider an open shelves concept. It doesn’t have to be that open, you can a mixture of glass cabinets and open cupboards to make a space look spacious and better. Although your organization and your decorating skills will be tested.

Custom Cabinetry

Sometimes these kitchen makeover tips work.  Sometimes, they simply do not make sense and become a waste of your time and resources.  Even though “Custom Cabinetry” sounds expensive, it is often the most economical and financially prudent choice for a kitchen update.  A custom-built cabinet arrangement, with fine wood detailing, not only personalizes storage and gives your kitchen functionality it adds a dash of style and increases the value of your property.

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