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Kitchen Storage Ideas – Storage for an Efficient and Clutter-Free Kitchen

Kitchens / September 17, 2015

Everybody wants to have an efficient, orderly, clutter-free kitchen. However, with all the kitchenware, mug collections, appliances and gadgets piling on your countertops and cupboards, keeping your kitchen organized can get a little out of hand. Here are some kitchen storage ideas and solutions to help you have an organized and efficient cooking space.

Customize your pantry.

How about a walk-in pantry wherein you can stash all your canned goods, snacks, chips, water supply and wines? Call us to collaborate with a local contractor or a kitchen remodeler to help you design and achieve a customized pantry that your family needs.

Photo from HGTV.

Incorporate hidden spice racks.

Make your food preparation, cooking and seasoning efficient and easy! You can store your favorite thyme, rosemary and other spices in a hidden pull out drawer or cabinet near the gas range for easy access.

Shown above is a hidden vertical spice rack we created in one of our many clients in Nashville area. It was so unexpected it became one of the coolest projects we’ve built. Definitely one of the coolest kitchen storage ideas we’ve worked on.

Try Swivel-built stools.

If you’re kitchen lacks a large room or space, you can simply save on space by creating custom-built swivel stools for your kitchen counter or center island. This idea definitely saves a lot of space for other storage and kitchen essentials.

 Photo from House Beautiful.

Organize all your kitchen utensils through cabinet designations and markers.

Do you have all the storage you need to organize all your kitchenwares? You can designate an area to stack your pots and pans, a drawer for all your silverware, a cabinet especially made to store your baking utensils and tools to keep things in order. Make use of stick on or labels for easy reach and safekeeping. It makes any meal preparation easy and efficient without having to look at all the cabinets to find where the silverware and plates are stored.All you need is a little creativity on how to get your kitchen organized.

This beautiful china storage combines with wine storage and serving buffet to streamline the kitchen and reduce clutter. We loved building this kitchen and the owners could not be happier!

If you’re looking for a local kitchen remodeler or cabinet makers in Nashville, TN to help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams, you can give our Nashville office a call at 615-244-6094.

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