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Kitchen Window Placement, Styles and Ideas for your Home

Kitchens / November 3, 2014

A kitchen windows provides a view outside the house and reduces lighting consumption as it allows natural light to enter the room. When a kitchen is well-lit and ventilated, it exudes a warm, cozy, high-energy atmosphere, inviting to the eyes and enticing to the appetite.

Styles and kitchen window placement differ from home to home. Some may have the luxury of glass windows installed in the roof, some people may be bold enough to use windows as their backsplash, while others are contented to have a regular window.
If you’re on the brink of remodeling your dark kitchen, you probably have given some thought to styling and ideas on where to place your windows. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

kitchen window styles and ideas

Go for the view.

If you have an awesome backyard overlooking a lake, a rustic patio or you just want to keep an eye on your kids while they play in the yard,  then obviously it would be ideal to install windows facing that view.

Consider the sunrise and sunset.

Isn’t it great to start your day with a hearty breakfast in a room beaming with morning sunshine? The sun rises in the east, but it is different based on the location of your house. Observe first the sun’s pattern and your house’s location and opt to build a window where the morning sun comes through. Or perhaps you are a sunset type guy. Then capture the sunsets in the same way.

Sink and window placement.

Washing the dishes facing a dull wall can further drain your energy. Most kitchen designers and contractors suggest having windows installed in front of a sink; if the sink is not installed in an island. A sink looking out a window can promote positive energy that makes chores more tolerable and even fun and relaxing.

A kitchen is a multi-functional room; people cook, dine, entertain guests and even do other activities. Clearly, it’s one of the most overused rooms in a home. Every window can be styled and paired with wooden cabinets for the warm kitchen look. Whether you like to have arches, squares or a bank full of windows, Classic Custom Cabinetry can help you design a proper kitchen window placement and also build the kitchen of your dreams.

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