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Luxury Kitchen Designs For Your Nashville Homes

Kitchens / August 31, 2015

A luxury kitchen design is a good investment that can bring joy now and value overtime. Elegance, sophistication, beautiful cabinetry, large stainless steel kitchen appliances, beamed ceilings, huge center islands, an elaborate gas range and designer furniture are some of the design elements found in a luxury kitchens. As you have heard many times before, a kitchen’s looks can skyrocket a home resale value.

Luxury Kitchen Designs for Nashville Homes

In remodeling a kitchen, every detail and material does not need to be expensive. Sure, you have to budget some extra for exquisite countertops. However, surprisingly, finding a good designer, skilled local woodworkers and a professional contractor are what you really need to create wonders for your kitchen project. Why? Because having beautifully crafted cabinetry, organized pullouts, drawers and center islands sets the overall effect of the kitchen and this creates the ambiance of luxury.

Based on studies, the majority of your budget for building or remodeling a kitchen goes into cabinets. If you want to have luxury kitchen designs, Classic Custom Cabinetry suggests investing in our custom-built cabinets.  These custom cabinets are  far superior in terms of strength, durability and aesthetics compared to those mid-ranged or stock cabinets available in Home improvement stores. Plus in many cases our custom kitchen cabinets are actually less expensive than stock.

Luxury kitchen cabinets are commonly made of mahogany, cherry, walnut and oak. By using these types of cabinet woods, you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting cabinets that doesn’t show wear. Usually, expensive looking cabinets carry several detailed moldings and decorative carved posts. You can coordinate these intricate details with our cabinet artisans. They can add sophistication, personality and flair to your kitchen; the more detailed and beautiful the carves and moldings are, the more expensive and luxurious it looks.

Opting for custom-built cabinet for your kitchen doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Here at Classic Custom Cabinetry, we make sure to design the perfect solutions for your cabinet with a fair and friendly-price. Planning to remodel soon? Give our Nashville office a call at 615-244-6094 for a complimentary consultation.

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