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A Modern Kitchen Design Fairytale

Kitchens / August 14, 2015

Kitchen design trends are dynamic. Each year, a new trend is released and a couple of years later, your 2-year-old renovated kitchen looks dated. We all know that a kitchen remodel is no laughing matter – it’s a big investment and making the right choices is important to enjoy its beauty for a long period of time. That is why this modern kitchen story is important to tell.

A modern kitchen design project with a happy ending.

Modern Kitchen Design is popular.

A contemporary or modern kitchen design is among the most popular choices these days because of the clean and streamlined look. What are the elements that give a kitchen a modern look? Here’s a project we worked on with an interior decorator in designing his own kitchen and cabinetry.


Accessorized by sturdy, stainless steel appliances, the combination of shiny metal and modern designed cabinetry makes this kitchen functional and intensely handsome. The overall look of this kitchen is based on a two-tone effect – dark floorings and the center island compliment the lighter tone drawers, countertop, cabinet and designer chairs.

Modern Kitchen contrast dark and light.

This modern kitchen accentuates the contrast of dark and light with a patterned backsplash. In our project, our client agreed to use a basic circular shape. It creates a subtle accessory with a print that is not too busy or distracting. The backsplash design is repeated by hanging beautiful round chandeliers just above the kitchen island. Looking closer at the cabinet doors, we finished the look by using a modern circular cabinet hardware, instead of straight pulls.

Here’s a video from our satisfied customer. It was fun to work with him to design and create this beautiful modern kitchen.

As the premier custom cabinet shop in Nashville, we work with contractors, decorators, home and business owners to design, build and install beautiful wood cabinetry.  Whether it is new construction, remodeling a kitchen or a special woodworking project we can make your dream come true.  Our in house designer works with each client to design the perfect solution for your cabinet needs.  Our team of craftsmen and cabinet makers ensure on time delivery of custom built cabinets and custom millwork. For all your interior cabinetry needs, feel free to contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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