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Nashville’s Favorite Kitchen Styles

Kitchens / May 20, 2015

Nashville ranked No.4 among the top 10 housing markets across the United States for single-family home purchases. Real estate properties get hotter as people flock to the area. A strong real estate industry reflects  the city’s diverse population. A diverse population commonly means diversity in housing choices and style preferences.

Since the kitchen is one of the biggest influences in buying and selling a home, what are the favorite kitchen style elements that people in Nashville look for these days?

A spacious open-floor kitchen.

The kitchen will always and forever be the hub of every home. This is a place where family, relatives and friends gather to be entertained with food. With that being said, space is important. An open concept kitchen is one of the most popular trends in homes and kitchen styles. This design style mostly shares the kitchen space with the dining area and often the family room. Sharing with the dining room allows the host and guests to interact without worrying about walls and dividers. Open space with the family room allows for all the multipurpose activities of a busy family.

A well lit kitchen.

Energy efficiency is a growing concern for homeowners. People tend to be attracted to a well-lit environment especially when natural light enters the house. It makes the kitchen comforting, warm, inviting and makes the area appears larger. Proper kitchen window placement plays a key factor in enabling light to naturally flow inside. Trendy lighting fixtures make a great accessory for any kitchen and help spruce up the area even at night. (If you want some trendy elements then Lighting is the best bet.)

Beautiful cabinetry, coordinated countertops and flooring.

Cabinetry is a make or break point of every kitchen. Cabinets bear the burden of the overall aesthetic and feel of a kitchen. Today’s trends lean to a simpler yet functional cabinet style. The colors range from a neutral shade of grey or white to a few who prefer bright funky turquoise. People in Nashville generally adhere to the concept of simple details on panels, carvings and moldings which makes it a transitional style. A beautiful granite or quartz countertop can instantly create a focal point coordinated with a gorgeous wooden flooring.

Functionality and rooms for storage.

Gone is the era where pots and pans are put on overhead racks that hang on the ceilings. Most homeowners these days prefer to keep their kitchen organized by utilizing pull out drawers, revolving shelves and built-in dividers. All these functional storage systems can be coordinated with your local cabinet makers.

These are just a few of the many favorite kitchen styles of Nashville homeowners. Let us help you incorporate your favorite elements into a modern, contemporary, traditional or a cottage or shabby kitchen style.

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