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Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen Design

Cabinet Design,Kitchens / November 25, 2016

An open concept kitchen design is a popular choice for most homeowners and house hunters. We all know that almost all house chores are done in the kitchen.  In the past, the kitchen area was secluded or had a room of its own. But with today’s open area floor plans, several kitchen design layouts take an open-concept kitchen approach.

The Advantages and Benefits of Having an Open Concept Kitchen

Today’s family want their kitchen to be an active part of their home. It’s a part of today’s culture to mingle and entertain family and guests while cooking. That’s one of the main attractions of having an open space design.

open concept kitchen design

Another benefit is the sense of ‘openness.’ An open kitchen allows everyone to participate and engages in activities all in one place. One can cook while the other person can prepare ingredients for the meal plan. The open space allows cooking to be enjoyable and more fun.

Functionality is also manifested in having an open concept kitchen design. People can freely move from station to station and do tasks freely without any hassle. The art of multitasking is also applicable. You can enjoy watching your favorite show on television from the kitchen area without any obstruction!

Not all people embrace the new design trend. There are a few homeowners who still want to preserve the old kitchen style. However, one should always consider the renovation costs of putting down walls, the plumbing, and its electrical wirings.

Here are other considerations and comparisons for closed vs. open kitchen layout:

  • In a closed concept, since it’s not part of the dining area room, it is more difficult to interact with family and house guests while whipping up meals.
  • A closed kitchen layout may look cramped and small compared to having an open space. However, with the help of a kitchen work triangle plan, a private concept kitchen may still be functional despite the limited space.
  • Storage may be a problem especially due to limited space, but with creativity and with custom designed cabinets, every corner, drawer and cabinetry can have their function and purpose.

A closed kitchen also carries its unique advantages especially if you don’t like your guests to see the mess while preparing your meals. Whether you like your kitchen to have a closed or open space concept, it will come down to the homeowner’s preference and needs of the family.

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