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An Open Concept Kitchen is Designed for Family Gatherings

Uncategorized / November 24, 2014

People today embrace the idea of having an open concept floor plan. Not only does your home look larger more inviting, the design makes people interact whenever there’s a large gathering at home. In contrast, a compartmentalized floor plan where the kitchen, dining room and the living room are separated by walls makes it less likely that people are able to see and mingle with one another.

The open concept floor plan means one or more rooms function as a shared space. Usually, the kitchen shares the same room with the home’s dining area. But it is also popular to have the kitchen and family room share the same space.  If  you like to do a lot of entertaining for guests, especially for huge gatherings, incorporating the living area and dining area to your open kitchen’s floor plan is going to be really helpful.

The concept of having an open kitchen is becoming a popular lifestyle trend. Below is a list of advantages of having one:

Socialization. As the host of a huge party, you don’t have to isolate yourself at the kitchen. Having an open concept kitchen allows you to prepare meals and at the same time chat along with your guests and loved ones.

More space. Do you have a small apartment? Removing walls to create an open space will make your room larger. The extra space can be used for a breakfast bar or an extra island that acts as a discreet room separator.

Decor. An open kitchen allows you to showcase your sleek stainless appliances as accessories. Also, you can display your own vintage china that everyone will envy.

Sight. Having an open space kitchen allows you to monitor what you kids are doing in the living room area while on kitchen duty. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about interrupted television shows while you’re doing chores.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such, should not be stuffed away behind closed walls.  Open it up, bring in the activity, enjoy the energy and nurture your family!  You will all be grateful for that.

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