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How to Keep Things Organized in Your Kitchen

Kitchens / June 23, 2015

We all have days when we feel too lazy to clean up and put all the kitchen utensils back in place. Then, there are also days when looking at a cluttered kitchen drains all your energy. You can’t even think about preparing food. Who has the energy to cook with an unorganized and untidy kitchen? No one! Below are some simple hacks and organization skills to keep things organized in your kitchen.

Keep your cookbooks away from grease and extreme temperatures.

When we say keep away from grease and extreme temperatures, we mean you need to place your cookbooks and recipe books away from the stove or even the fridge. Books can be stacked and look nice with open shelves. You can also store them somewhere in the kitchen island for easy access while baking or preparing ingredients.

No storage for aprons and pot holder? Hang them.

Aprons and a pot holders are always used when cooking. Instead of opening cabinets and drawers to get these essential things, you can simply install or mount hanging pins so you can easily grab them without looking through the cabinets. Saves a lot of time and energy!

Label when necessary.

Even with tons of storage it is sometimes hard to find what you really need. Especially when you need to use something that is rarely taken out of the drawers. Actually with lots of extra room it may even be more difficult to find things.  If you do have tons of cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and it still confuses you where you stored the silverware for special occasions, you may want to consider putting labels inside the doors.

Labels are the easiest and best solution. Be creative and as fun as you can be! You can use chalkboards to doodle or print stickers. You can be super organized with drawings, alphabetical lists or any other method of kitchen organizing.

Place similar objects into one place.

You can assign particular cabinets to store all your plates – breakfast plates, dinner plates, serving plates and anything similar which has the same purpose. Assign a different drawer or cabinets for your baking essentials. This way, you won’t have to open each door or drawer to find what you need.

Hang pans or store it near the stove.

Place your pots and pans in the drawers and cupboards near the gas range or stove top. Cooking, frying and boiling foods will be easier when these cooking utensils can be easily reached.

Create or store all your spices in a rack.

A smart kitchen uses an efficient cooking and food preparation system. If you need salt or pepper or simply need spices to top off your dish’s taste make sure they are within reach. You can install or mount the spice rack just below the cupboard or cabinets for easy reach.

Custom-made cabinets and drawers.

One of the many advantages of customizing your cabinets and drawers is the fact that you can design and install as many dividers as you please. Talk to our kitchen designer and custom cabinet makers to visualize and create functional storage that will cater to your smart, functional and organized kitchen.

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