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Organized Kitchen De-Stress Nashville, TN Homeowners

Kitchens / August 3, 2014

A well organized kitchen makes the difference in chaos and calm. You spend a huge portion of your home life in the kitchen and since most of family activity centers in the kitchen, getting it right can make a big difference in how your home functions. Whether you are remodeling or have the luxury of building from the ground up, turn to the professionals at Classic Custom Cabinetry to get a great design.

An organized kitchen matters in your home

Small ideas add up to big convenience.

Once you get beyond the basic, efficient triangle concept – the fridge, the sink and the oven being the three main points – there are a lot of small touches that can make food prep a breeze. Here are a few ideas:

Pots and pans – don’t stack ‘em!

  • Instead of the usual nesting plan for your skillets and sauce pans, we can build in vertical spaces for each size, so you just open the door and grab!
  • Remember the old rack with the hooks swinging in the middle of the kitchen island?  Well, if you don’t like that plan, we can install the hooks inside a cabinet, and again, you are using your space vertically and you just grab the one you want.
  • We can even combine the two concepts into one cabinet so some are at the bottom and some are hanging.
  • No more lifting the whole stack of heavy pans to get to the largest piece. Yay!

Do you get frustrated digging in a drawer to find just the right utensil? Go for multiple shallow drawers so that every ladle, spatula or whisk is right there waiting for you. We can even build your knife rack right into the drawer, saving precious counter space. Your broiling pan and other racks and flat items can be easily stored in a shallow drawer right under your stove, or vertically in a narrow cabinet just beside it.

Baking can be easy as pie.

Consider a baking center where you can store all your necessary items in one place. Cookie sheets, pans, hot pads, spices, flour, sugar – all within easy reach. If you have space, consider a closet or pantry where you can store a rolling baking center. Roll it out when needed, roll it back and close the door when finished.

Save your countertops.

Keep only the small appliances that you use often on your countertops. Let us build custom-made sliding shelves for the others. We’ll maximize your space while making sure you have easy access when you do need them. Less clutter means less stress!

Trust Classic Custom Cabinetry.

We’ve seen it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and we know the solutions. We’ve got more ideas than you can shake a whisk at. Give us a call.

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