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Pantry Cabinet Ideas for Organization

Kitchens / April 21, 2017

The kitchen pantry cabinet is every family’s favorite storage location. It usually holds a stockpile of snacks, chips, crackers, supplies and also serves as storage for the best kitchen utensils and items. The pantry is the most used area in the kitchen, so it is essential to keep it organized.

Living with children often means living with clutter. Organizing the pantry cabinet may seem like an endless task, but if you plan and organize things well, everything will be under control. Here are some storage ideas you may want to consider.

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Efficient Storage Ideas for an Organized Pantry Cabinets

1 – Practical Layout

If you live with children, the kids should be able to grab a snack from the pantry easily. Have the lower areas of your pantry cabinet or cupboard filled with their favorite snacks versus silverware or large baking appliances that may put your children at risk. Cutlery, wine glasses, fruit jars and canned goods can be placed in the middle and upper section of the cabinet to keep them intact.

2 – Small Storage Solutions

For smaller items such as herbs and spices, you can place them in a basket, bin or rack. When you’re preparing food, you can pull out the basket and have all your spices and herbs in one go.

3 – Item Placement

Consider putting all perishable goods in front of your pantry cabinet and put non-perishable items at the back of the storage space.

4 – Custom-Made Pantry

If you want to get organized, a custom pantry cabinet is an excellent addition to the kitchen. You can incorporate several features under one cabinetry that can have a hidden spice rack, drawer pullouts, a mixture of open shelving and cupboards and much more.

Going for custom built cabinetry allows you to design an efficient and functional pantry that will store and organize all your essentials and favorite snacks.

If you need help in finding a local woodworker to design and build your pantry cabinets, give Classic Custom Cabinetry a call at 615-244-6094 or send us a message about your custom pantry cabinets through our contact form.

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