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Repurposing Old Wooden Furniture

Uncategorized / April 30, 2015

Have you ever thought of different ways you can reuse, recycle and repurpose old furniture? Instead of throwing it away or giving it to charities, you may be able to turn this ‘junk’ into an amazing piece of art. As the saying goes, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure!

This blog is a diversion from our typical posts about custom cabinetry but when we see a good idea, we share!  So, get your hands dirty with a DIY project this spring and stay busy during the weekends. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration.
Repurposing old doors into bed headboard.

Repurposing old doors into bed headboard.

Instead of throwing away your old, rusty, wooden distressed door, why not utilise the wood and create something beautiful out of it? You can turn them into gorgeous headboards by resurfacing the wood or by painting with whitewashed paint. Moreover, you can also use the old door knob as cabinet pulls for your kitchen.

Old doors to dining tables or coffee tables.

The old, rustic and distressed door makes the coffee table unique and charming. You don’t have to worry if you spill drinks on the table as it will blend in naturally with the way it looks.

Crates and pallets can also turn into amazing coffee tables.


Made from repurposed empty wooden crates or pallets, you can create a coffee table by simply stacking them together. Finish them with wood varnish and they’re good to go. These empty crates can generally give you enough storage for your knickknacks and magazines.

Old dressers as kitchen islands and additional cabinetry in the kitchen.

Common household items such as your dresser can be turned and repurposed as kitchen islands and counters. Thus, making room for more storage for your pots, pans and china.

Repurposing old furniture may sound as a daunting project, but in reality it is not. You only need to invest time and effort to revive an old existing piece of furniture and finding another way to recycle it. Recycling not only you saves money, you get a unique piece of furniture and help save mother nature as well.

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