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Shabby Chic – Is it Still a Fad in Kitchens?

Kitchens / May 4, 2015

What are your thoughts on having a shabby chic kitchen? Are you a big fan of distressed furniture? Or do you dislike the messy and rustic ambiance of a vintage kitchen? Whether you’re a big fan or not, the timeless taste of shabby chic interior design trend promises to stay around a while longer.

Vintage looking interiors is not new to the design world. In fact, this fad started in the 1980’s and became popular in the years after. This particular style allows a person to have their distinct, unique tastes. Mixing old, rustic accessories and combining it with contemporary furniture makes it more fun and exciting. Florals and laces as cover ups for your tables further gives the extra feminine and final touch for that cottage style vibe!

Here are some charming and timeless kitchen design ideas that may give moments of nostalgia somewhere in between..

Photo from Elle Decor

What we do love most about this kitchen is its beautiful brass-trimmed cabinetry lacquered in a rich custom-color. Plus, the vintage looking sink and brass accessories found on the counter.

Photo from Style at Home.

Reclaimed wood and lumber can be repurposed as cabinets and can be made as dining tables. One can simply finish the table with whitewashed paint for that shabby look.

Photo from Interior CG.

Soft, inviting colors can never go out of style! This mint cottage-style kitchen has its own charm that makes everyone feels welcomed and at home.

Photo from Country Living.

There’s always something beautiful to ponder in old, repurposed and refurbished furniture and cabinets. Its constant wear and tear plus its charming physique makes this cabinet unique from the rest.

Photo from Interior Design Home 1.

White, creams and a pop of pastel colors are few of the distinct vignettes of a shabby and vintage look. Adding a distressed table and an unmatched chair creates a simple focal point in any kitchen.

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