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How to Spring-Clean Your Kitchen and Cabinetry

Kitchens / March 15, 2015

Hoping for spring to come early? The cold season is almost over and we’ll be able to kiss the snow goodbye and welcome sun beams and warm days! Take this opportunity to spring-clean your kitchen and give the attention it deserves. Here are some handy steps on how to de-clutter, re-organize and re-energize your kitchen to make it spring-ready.

Start with doing the dishes.

Just the thought of cleaning the entire kitchen seems daunting and tiring. To kick off your spring cleaning, you can start by cleaning up clutter and washing the dishes. The reality of actually completing something can boost your energy to get more chores done.

Dust off before wiping.

Before wiping anything, it is a rule of thumb to remove dust by using a clean cloth or a feather duster. This way, dust particles won’t  stick to your cabinets and countertops making it harder to remove them later. Accumulated dust always lingers in hard to reach areas of the kitchen. Use a broom to dust them off including the ceilings, ceiling fans and corner walls.

Time to change those holiday linens.

I know it’s way past holiday time but just in case you forgot, it’s time to change. Take down any kind of drapery you have in the room including curtains, table cloths and runners. Machine wash these fabrics according to the manufacturer’s instructions and put on new ones that will compliment the color of your kitchen and the season. Make sure to clean the windows before putting up the curtains.

Double your efforts in cleaning your kitchen appliances.

Make an extra effort in cleaning your microwave, oven, gas range and refrigerator. Your kitchen appliances always come in contact with the food you serve and eat. It is a must to be meticulous when cleaning these small and large appliances.

De-clutter your drawers and kitchen cabinets.

De-clutter and throw away old bottles and containers that have no use. Or, put them aside if you have a recycling, repurposing project coming up. Clearing off unused tupperware and other plastic containers can give you more space for storage and also gives you the opportunity to re-organize your kitchenwares.

Wipe and clean your drawers and kitchen cabinetry to prolong its pristine look.

Cabinets and drawers are one of the key elements and main attractions of a kitchen. To keep them well-maintained and beautiful, always make it a point to clean your cabinetry at least twice a month.

Devote some of your spring break time to maintain the beauty of your kitchen and your home. All it takes is some tender loving care and little bit of effort and your kitchen and home will thank you later.

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