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The Makings of a Traditional Kitchen

Kitchens / February 3, 2015

What makes a kitchen “traditional” as opposed to “old world” style? Basically, both styles are similar in many ways. However, the makings of a traditional kitchen is based on having natural touches, details, ornamental pieces and a beautiful window bay area, perfect for a breakfast nook. Overall, a traditional kitchen should manifest classic and warm characteristics. Here are some elements to capture the traditional feel in a kitchen:

Details. You can say a kitchen is traditional if you see a lot of details on its furniture – island legs, custom crown moldings, arches, and even the styling of cabinet knobs. A beautiful custom-made hood surround can create the focal point of the room. Everything you’ll see inside the kitchen has its own unique detailing that matches everything in between.

Countertops and backsplash. Granite is the popular choice of countertops. However, if you’d like to add an earthy flair to your kitchen, you can use wood, bricks, stones or even marble and apply them as backsplash.

Ceilings. Because every corner of the area has details, the ceiling is also one among the many features of a traditional kitchen. Having wooden-beamed ceilings can make the entire room burst grandiosity! Plus, it gives a warm, homey and a natural feel inside the area.

Lighting fixtures. A perfect additional to your designer kitchen is choosing a chandelier to compliment all the beautiful details of your furniture during the day and night. Lantern-style fixtures are common in traditional kitchens but you can still choose crystal or brass style.

Decorative cabinetry. Most cabinets of a traditional kitchen differ in height, shape, cabinet doors and styles. They usually have multiple finishes depending on their function – some can be glassed doors and but not all have to be. This is the fun side of having a traditional kitchen. You can always mix and match the colors of your moldings, cabinetry and islands; the knobs of cupboards and drawers and use some fabrics as kitchen accents. Always make a point to balance everything and don’t go overboard with your design. Always make functionality on top of your priority list. Aesthetics and design should always come in second.

Want to give your kitchen an uplift? We’re happy to help! Contact us for a complimentary consultation, together we’ll build the kitchen of your dreams.

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