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Today’s Kitchen Design Must-Haves

Kitchens / August 12, 2015

Want to make your kitchen look like a million bucks without breaking the bank? Start-off by investing in Kitchen Design Must-Haves that almost every million-dollar kitchen have these days. Here are some kitchen features you’d like to consider having:

Customized dishwasher drawer.

Are you tired of trying to conceal your not-so-great looking full-sized dishwasher with different accents but failed each time? Does the bulky dishwasher annoy you? Do you have small dishwashing loads and find the large dishwasher wasteful? If so, you might want to consider hiring a local cabinet maker to design a customized drawer to hide the dishwasher. Collaborate with the experts for best results.

An elaborate commercial-style range.

A sophisticated, elaborate gas range can be your kitchen’s focal point. This is a common feature in luxury kitchen designs. You can simply accessorize it by matching your backsplash with the other elements of your kitchen to add an extra wow-factor for your family and guests.

Stainless steel appliances.

Upgrade your appliances to stainless steels. Metals that shine looks expensive and pleasing to the eyes!.

Coffee bar and wine rack..

When re-designing a kitchen, you may want to consider installing a space to put your coffee maker or tea utensils in place. Make sure to compliment the space by installing a drawer or a cabinet dedicated to your condiments and mugs. As for wines, a beautiful crafted wine rack can store your expensive wines in mint condition.


Full extension drawers and dividers..

We do admit that working in a cluttered kitchen drains our energy away from food prep. One of the best things you can do for your kitchen organization is to install full extension drawers and divided storage for easy access to your kitchenware and bake ware. This keeps your kitchen organized, functional and clutter-free!

Hidden spice rack.

Too short to reach for the spices in your cupboards and top cabinets? You can tell your local woodworker to create a hidden drawer or a corner cabinet to store your spices. It’s functionality and design will make your cooking efficient.

Beautiful cabinetry.

A functional and beautifully laid out cabinet can instantly increase a value of a house. Cabinets define the value of the kitchen and the entire house. Many invest a lot of resources to make their classic kitchen cabinets look beautiful. You may also install crown moldings to make the cook space more sophisticated with its beautiful detailing. All these Kitchen Design Must-Haves will help you keep up with the latest kitchen trend.

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