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How to Use Small Kitchen Space Wisely

Kitchens / October 19, 2014

Not everyone is privileged to have luxurious and wide kitchen spaces. Whether you chose to have a small kitchen or are stuck with one, you are entitled to have functional kitchen. With the right color of paint, kitchen cabinetry choices and sleek appliances, you can still boast about a tiny kitchen with sense and style.

Having a smaller kitchen space is a tough challenge in terms of storage, functionality and organization. However, using a little bit of your own wit, creativity and organization skills, you and your kitchen can thrive. Here’s a list of solutions that can cater to your needs.

Small Kitchen cabinets

Don’t sacrifice essentials in a Small Kitchen.

A kitchen should have a fridge, a stove and a sink. If none of these exist, a kitchen becomes a bit dysfunctional. You can ditch the island but not these essential things. Remember our previous blog post about kitchen work triangle area? Having them around can give you an efficient cooking flow.

Maximize walls for cupboards and shelves in a small kitchen.

Have a vacant wall on your kitchen? Utilise them for cupboards, cabinets or shelves. A secret to a tiny kitchen’s functionality is storage and good organization. Stack shelves under shelves or in cabinets. These will help you see and get whatever food ingredient, spices, baking tools, or kitchenware you need in an instant without cluttering or unstacking the items individually.

Hang your pans and pots in a small kitchen.

Let’s admit it, pans and pots use a lot of storage. Having a small space means small storage. To end your frustration, you can try the vintage method of  hanging your pots and pans. You might have seen it on movies, magazines or elsewhere. So hanging them  is now becoming a new and handy trend.

Always clean and de-clutter in a small kitchen.

To maintain a clean and clutter-free small kitchen, it is always a must to clear the table and sink of used dishes and food. Seeing a lot of stuff in an area makes the feeling  of the room claustrophobic and small.

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