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A Fairytale Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Design,Kitchens / June 30, 2017

A rising trend in kitchen design is white kitchen cabinets. It’s a popular color choice for most modern and contemporary kitchens because it gives a clean and sophisticated look. White cabinetry makes an all-white kitchen color scheme work! It makes space look wider and brighter even at night.

white kitchen cabinets

The Beauty of White Kitchen Cabinets

White is one of the most versatile colors available. It can blend with anything – white on white, white on bold colors, white on pastel colors, whites and grays. You name it! Every color blends well with white. Without a doubt, designing a kitchen with white kitchen cabinets is easier.

Below is the list of benefits white kitchen cabinetry can offer:

  • Versatility – As stated earlier, white can easily blend in. Do you want to accentuate your kitchen by adding a dramatic tile backsplash? Feel free to do so in any print, style or color! Surely, it will compliment the kitchen cabinetry seamlessly.
  • Radiates Cleanliness – Seeing a white kitchen makes you think about purity, cleanliness, and hygiene. If your guests feel the same way, it will give you the confidence that every meal you prepare came from a clean work area.
  • Wider Space – If you are not blessed with a larger kitchen space, it is highly recommended to paint your kitchen cabinets white. It creates an illusion of a wider space since light bounces with white.
  • Brighten the Room – If you have limited windows in your kitchen and want to maximize natural light, painting your kitchen cabinets and walls white is helpful to brighten the space.

While the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of having white kitchen cabinets, homeowners are still considering these mishaps:

  • Maintenance – Since white is commonly associated with cleanliness and hygiene, keeping it clean all the time is daunting. However, if you hired a kitchen remodeler who has been in the industry for several decades, they use white paints that can be easily cleaned with water and damped cloth.
  • Boring – While others feel happy with white, some may think of white is pale and dull. There are some workarounds to make a kitchen attractive while having white kitchen cabinets! You can create a high contrast of colors with your kitchen island to create a beautiful design.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen anytime soon and you’re considering having  white custom kitchen cabinets installed, we firmly suggest doing a custom kitchen cabinet to make the most out of your investment.

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