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White Kitchen Cabinets a Staple Choice for Contemporary Homes

Kitchens / June 13, 2016

White kitchens have been a staple choice for modern and contemporary houses. The crisp color of white enables a homeowner to style the kitchen in any way they want. The white color blends well with sleek modern kitchen appliances in stainless steel or midnight black. Due to its versatile characteristics, many people have chosen to have white kitchen cabinets installed.

white kitchen cabinets

One can’t resist the charm white cabinets brings to the kitchen. Even though the cabinets may look as simple, its sophistication can be boosted when the proper decor is introduced. The photo shown above is our kitchen renovation project in Beechwood.

What we and our client love about the kitchen is its open space concept which is perfect for entertaining. The custom shelving found on the top of the designer oven creates an ambiance of openness inside an average sized kitchen. White kitchen cabinets, pullouts, and open shelving create an illusion of a wider area space that also carries enough storage for all cooking, dining and baking utensils.

Beechwood #4Aim for simple yet appealing kitchen cabinet designs, by opting for variation when it comes to storage.

Since the design captures a contemporary approach, a streamlined layout is the best option. Our team of professionals accentuated the cabinetry’s straight lines, squares, and rectangles to create a definite yet discreet statement. It makes the white kitchen cabinets have an sophisticated look even without the help intricate wood designs or crown moldings.

On top of the beautiful cabinetry and shelving, our craftsmen incorporated a custom-made wine storage cabinet found in the corner of the area space. The wine shelving was the final accessory that made the kitchen exciting and fun while keeping the overall design simple.

There’s no question why white kitchen cabinets are popular in today’s contemporary homes. White cabinets blend well in any kitchen design theme due to its innate elegance and versatility. It is enough to wow the family and its guests.

If you reside in Nashville or Tennessee area and is looking for cabinet makers, Classic Custom Cabinetry is happy to assist you. To schedule an appointment or a consultation, feel free to drop us a message or contact us at 615-244-6094.

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