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Wood Stains and Finishing for Your Cabinets and Furniture

Uncategorized / December 31, 2014

Applying wood stains or a finishes to cabinets and furniture makes your furniture shine and protects it for a lifetime. Without applying any finish, the wood is prone to unwanted stains and can easily deteriorate especially when exposed to moisture and extreme heat.  But, adding stain or varnish to your wood furniture is optional – if you appreciate the wood’s natural raw beauty as it is and do not want to alter it, then you do not need to apply a finish.

Any wood finish, whether it is oiled, waxed, or varnished contains toxins and harmful chemicals. During application, a person should wear protective gear – gloves, protective glasses and full clothing. It is best to have apply finishes on your wooden cabinets and furniture outside the house, as some finishes may exhaust fumes. Better yet, have them applied by professionals.

Still undecided which type of finishing you’d like to apply for your furnishing? Here’s a guide on which best wood finishing suits your cabinets and wooden furniture.

Wood Preserver

As the name implies, it’s main purpose is to preserve the beauty of the wood. You can choose a color with a matte or semi-gloss finish. This type of finish is available as water-based and oil-based. It can be easily applied. Make sure to mix all that’s inside of the can and apply thin coats for an even look!


Varnish is commonly used as  protective finish for wood finishing. Its finish is transparent and colorless as opposed to stains and paint. Once applied, it makes wood glossy with a hardened finish. A word of advice in applying varnish is to watch out for air bubbles as they might stay after varnish is applied and dried.  If this happens, use a good sandpaper to cut it down and apply another layer.


Wood stains are commonly used to make your newly or refurbished furniture match the theme or color of your other furniture or cabinets at home. Adding stain can instantly create a new look to your old cabinets as it changes color and can highlight the wood’s pattern.

Regardless of the type finish you choose, the process of applying a stain or varnish or preservative to furniture and cabinets is tedious and requires attention to detail.  Our craftsmen know all the tricks and have created masterpieces. So if you decide this is a project you would rather not tackle yourself, please give us a call! We would love to help.

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